Small Groups

Bible Discussion Group

Weekly on Wednesdays

5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

VSUMC Library


This group, for both men and women, has been together through several pastors, and participants continue to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ as they study the Bible together. Newcomers are always welcome!


Currently, the group is working on four readings each week, known as the Lectionary. Each Wednesday, we spend time discussing the passages we’ve read in the previous week. The reading schedule is available from Rev. Patty Johansen.


To participate, you only need a Bible. If you don’t have one, Rev. Johansen can get you one. This is a good group for people who are just getting acquainted with the Bible, or for people who’ve been reading for years, but value the input and reflection that comes from group discussion.


Contact person:  Rev. Patty Johansen,


Weekly on Tuesdays

1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

Sunset Home


This group, for women, has been together for years, and participants continue to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ as they engage in topical studies with a Christian perspective. Newcomers are always welcome!


The group will begin meeting in October. Typically, there is a resource book that participants work with, that involves some outside reading, and discussion in the group setting.


This is a good group for women who are wanting to meet other women, and develop a deeper discipleship in their lives. The personal relationships that develop in this group provide encouragement and support for one another in daily life, including their spiritual formation.


Contact person:  Barb Wooleyhan,

Coffee & Conversation

3rd Wednesday/month

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

VSUMC Library


This is a group consisting of women who are at post-retirement age, and who are living alone for varieties of reasons.


Providing an opportunity to gather for conversation, to build relationships with women who are dealing with the same (or similar) life challenges, to explore scripture, and to enjoy the blessings of friendship.


This ministry is open to any retired woman living alone.


Contact person:  Marilyn Vincent,

Prayer Partners

One day/month




Prayer Partners have each selected one day per month (like the 2nd, the 15th, etc.) when they will spend some extra time in prayer for the church and its’ ministries, and for the pastor.


The pastor sends out a newsletter with prayer points for folks to lift up on their prayer day. And the pastor prays for each prayer partner on their day of prayer.


This is a self-selected group, but more pray-ers are always welcome! This is a good ministry for families, providing an opportunity to teach children to pray for their church.


Contact person:  Rev. Patty Johansen,

Vermont Street United Methodist Church - 818 Vermont St. - Quincy, Illinois 62301   217-222-7468