Welcome to Vermont Street United Methodist Church!

Here Is What to Expect during Covid-19 phase 4. 



As we are all aware, there has been an alarming spike in confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in Adams County in the last 6 weeks. On Sunday, July 12, when we held our first in-person worship, there were 171 confirmed cases and only one death. Today (Aug. 6), there are 454 confirmed cases with 106 of those currently active, and there have been 5 deaths.  According to the ACHD, there is no end in sight because of the many people who refuse to wear masks, and many gatherings of people - including in church worship. There have been at least two cluster outbreaks in Quincy from churches who gathered for worship. The ACHD is strongly recommending that churches in Adams County suspend in-person worship for the safety and protection of all people.


I am so proud of this congregation, as we've regathered for these 5 weeks of worship. Although we could handle up to 75 people in the building, we've only averaged around 35 people each week. Even among those who have expressed their deep desire to be in the church for worship, some have come once and then chosen not to return until it's fully safe, and many others have chosen to not return yet.


In consultation with our Lay Leader, Trustees Chair, Church Council chair, and the staff, a decision has been made to suspend in-person worship after the service this weekend (August 9). We will continue to hold worship in the sanctuary with a minimum number of people to lead it, on Sunday mornings at 9 am. This worship will be broadcast on WGEM radio at 98.9 FM and 1440 AM, and it will be live-streamed on the web site at vsumc.org/weekly-bulletin. It will also be recorded and available for play back on the web site at the same location and on the church's Facebook page, Vermont Street United Methodist Church. 


This was a difficult decision, but ultimately it came down to what is safest for the people involved, and about being a leader in the community. Our mission is to love God and to share Jesus Christ as we support one another and serve the community. Right now, we can do that best by encouraging folks to listen on the radio or to watch online. When the curve is flattened, and it's safe, we will joyfully regather! Please continue to pray for all those who are dealing with the COVID-19 infection, for our health department and emergency management department officials, and for an end to this pandemic. God is faithful, and hears our prayers. But remember that part of the answer to those prayers lies with us.