Children  + Youth 

Sunday School


Children younger than age 3 will be in the Nursery, room 204, with Jean Barnes.


The Preschool-Kindergarten class will be meeting in room 205, next to the nursery, with Emily Gittings.


The First – Second grade class will also be meeting in room 205, with Pixie Sharkey. Emily & Pixie are going to try having both classes in the same room, since they are often doing similar activities.


The Third – Fifth grade class will be meeting in room 306 (3rd floor, behind the balcony, at the south end of the hall), with Karen Miller.


                                            The Youth class (6th – 12th grades) will be meeting in The Loft (3rd floor,                                                                        in the NE corner) with Charlie & Fae Jones, and Kimberly Woods.

Vermont Street United Methodist Church - 818 Vermont St. - Quincy, Illinois 62301   217-222-7468