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Sunday School Meets 10-11am every Sunday.

Adventure Class

VSUMC Cafè Vermont

This class of Christian friends is a group that has been together less than 10 years, and is focused on growing in their understanding of scripture and Christian living. Most of the participants are empty-nesters, and enjoy the opportunity to connect with others who are in this stage of life.


Newcomers are always welcome.

Contact person:  Barb Wooleyhan,

This class of Christian friends is big on discussion and want everyone to feel like they can share their views without fear.


We don’t follow a particular curriculum but choose interesting books to discuss and think about.


We don’t care what your age is because we go from the sixties to the nineties and sometimes have younger people join us.

Contact person:  Karen Weisinger,

Teachers:  Karen Weisinger & Hubert Staff

Agape Class

Room 215

Double Ring Class

Room 116

This class of Christian friends has been together for years. Originally named because they were initially younger married couples, some are now widowed, and others celebrating 50+ years of marriage, but they continue to grow in faith together.


In addition to their Christian study together, they are also a strong fellowship group, who gather together periodically for lunch or other outings.


Newcomers are always welcome.


Contact person:  Marvin & Darlene Kerber, or

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